Nine West's "Perri", "Brit" and "Les"

Put your sneakers on! We are going dancing all night long!

Do you remember this song?

Well, if you thought you were too cool to wear sneakers to the club, how about a sneaker wedge?

Yes! That's right! For $159.95 you too can look glam for your next "Sneakernight"...
"Chic and bold wedge sneakers with a nautical touch. Pair with light coloured jeans a chunky knit. Fabric upper."

"Slip-on sneaker with snakeskin foil leather upper and vintage brush cap toe & wedge. Internal elastic for adjustable fit. Fabric, 7.5cm heel height."

"Casual chic with bite: These wedge sneakers are a brilliant high-top with snake-embossed detail for one-of-a-kind style. Fabric upper."

♪ ♪Basically what we're gonna do is dance! Basically what we're gonna do is dance!♪ ♪
And not buy these.
Sorry Nine West.


  1. I saw a girl wearing some similar to the first pair (only bright blue) at an engagement party a few weeks ago. There's a time and place people. Although in my view these shoes should never have a place.


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